Audience Feedback

Journey with the Giant is receiving enthusiastic feedback from viewers worldwide.

It was great meeting you at Harvard. We all appreciated the film and your informative and inspiring debate in class. We look forward to having you return to give another presentation at our winter session class in February.
Bruno Sergi, Professor, Center Associate, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies
Harvard University

A big thank you to everyone that made this forum a great success. What an incredible discussion! The response has been tremendous and we are looking forward to doing it again soon.
Joseph Duong, Director of Programs and Guest Experience
Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA)

This is a fantastic educational film. I would recommend it to exchange students, businessmen, and anyone else coming to live and work in China for the first time. I think it is also an excellent resource for USA/Canada-based students in high school and universities who are studying current events in East Asia.
Dijana Koprivica Redshaw, Social Studies Teacher
Shanghai American School, Shanghai, China

The event went really well, and Jim has inspired many questions from the students. The preview is so good that we want to make the whole film available for all our students to see at the library. Please come back some time soon with your other projects.
Weimin Sun, Director, CSUN China Institute, Professor, Department of Philosophy
California State University Northridge, California, USA

Thank you again for the showing and discussion last night. I have received great feedback from the students.It was a unique opportunity for them to get a panoramic view of modern day China via the movie, and then you did a wonderful job of tying it to their personal experiences thus far. You hit the nail on the head on so many points…and had us laughing too!
Charlie Engelmann, Director, Shanghai, China
Pepperdine University
Shanghai International Program

What an exciting forum!  This event was an inspiration for our students and a perfect discussion platform for our current area of study, globalization.
Director of lectures
IPED, Fordham University

The event was a great success! The discussion following the film with director Jim Gabbe aroused enormous interest and enthusiasm from the large student audience. Jim’s talk about China and United States and the film are indeed thought provoking.
Qingyun Wu
Coordinator, Chinese Program – Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
California State University, Los Angeles

I liked the fast pace and the wittiness. The imagery is gorgeous. It wasn’t leaden, like documentaries can be. It’s beautiful and entertaining.
Leah Boner, Boston, USA

Journey with the Giant is an impressive achievement.
Gavin Brooke, CEO, Spada Limited, London, UK

Thank you for bringing us such a wonderful movie! The film received many laughs and positive responses, and the discussion panel lasted for an hour and could have kept going. My students loved the film and they’ve told me it gave them a new perspective to rebuild the image about China in this stage of change.
Bei Chen, Senior Lecturer, University of North Texas, Denton, TX, USA

Your presentation was uplifting and commented on by a number of people who I spoke to later that evening!  Thanks again for your time and your insights into amazing people from all walks of life.
Richard Funess, Senior PartnerFinn Partners, NY, NY

It was truly a thrilling experience to see Journey with the Giant. I felt as if I were right there with you seeing everything you were describing through an incredibly vibrant lens. The scale is difficult to comprehend if you haven’t actually seen it, but the visual impact is stunning. You have done a remarkable job and I can only imagine the impact it will have on audiences everywhere. And you have a whole other career as the Woody Allen of documentary films!
Karen Cohen, Boston, USA

It was great to see Journey with the Giant last night. Truly a labor of love of which you should be proud! And an important story to be telling about China—it is definitely a big player in the 21st Century.
Lisa Cloitre, Global Management Consultant, Boston, USA

We are truly honored and privileged to have had the opportunity to offer the screening of Journey with the Giant. The film itself is quite an accomplishment, and needless to say it was a unique and unprecedented view into China. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. Your passion and commitment to this work is reflected by the level of professional integrity captured in the documentary.
Xavier Costa, Dean, College of Arts, Media and Design, Northeastern University, Boston, USA

This film is absolutely amazing and it is unbelievable! Through the unique perspective of foreigners and using the most abundant language, the film perfectly captures what is happening in China.

The content is rich; the view is broad; the structure is unique; the design is special; the commentary is clear, and the style is attractive. This great contribution to the cultural exchanges between USA and China will be remembered forever.
Xiaoman Duan, Ph.D, Research Scientist, MIT, Cambridge, USA

I did so enjoy your Journey with the Giant. Your scholarly mind came through loud and clear as well as your quirky sense of humor. What a wonderful combination! What a country of vast and different feelings, amazing history (they are ancient – we are so young here in the US which you pointed out so well). You caught all the innuendos and the subtle and not so subtle ways the Chinese have put together such a potent nation. Hearty congratulations to you for producing and then sharing your insights into a most complex and constantly changing country.
Diane Gallagher, Author, Boston, USA

Thanks again for sharing Journey with the Giant with all of us. I felt moments of reflection and revelation. Things that are comparable to our middle class here. Our student, Bin Yu was mentioning how much she really enjoyed it and that she was watching a Chinese news program recently and she saw this program in a very different light and she credits the documentary for that.
Nancy Galindo-Rodriguez, Senior Development Officer, Northeastern University, Boston, USA

I was so impressed with this project and am honored that you chose to unveil your latest creation at Northeastern.
Evan Gallivan, Development Officer, Northeastern University, Boston, USA

The presentation was great!   CITIZENARTS is doing great things.
Peter Finn, Founding PartnerFinn Partners, NY, NY

It was a great opportunity to see the premiere last week at Cass business school. The film was really fabulous and I am sure it will go on to be a very successful documentary.

Sidd Gandhi, vice president in banking industry, London, UK

We thoroughly enjoyed watching Journey with the Giant this evening. It is a provocative and interesting film. Your hard work and enthusiasm for the subject really shine through! It’s such a worthwhile project.
Stan Green, Financial Advisor, San Francisco, USA

Thank you for sharing such an insightful experience with us. The film is informative and puts a lot about “the giant” into perspective.
Reda Haidar, telecommunications Senior Consultant, London, UK

The film was very entertaining and informative and certainly changed my view of China.
Stephen Hoffman, Columbia law School graduate/attorney, New York City, USA

“If the aim is to introduce Americans to China, I think it’s working great. Jim’s enthusiasm is contagious and I found myself cheering for the Chinese people. The Chinese have taken capitalism and are now teaching us some things — their accomplishments are truly stunning and the film surely communicates that.  Another thing I’ve reflected on after watching Journey with the Giant: if we can’t learn to govern ourselves more effectively than we have over the past couple of decades, we’ll have no basis for criticizing those who govern with a different model.”
Martyn Howgill, Health Industry Consultant, Kansas City, USA

I enjoyed the movie very much. It is quite an accomplishment. Quite an eye opener.
Myron Kandel, Columbia Journalism School graduate/Founding Financial Editor, CNN, New York City, USA

You achieved what you set out to do: to tell the story that China is growing exponentially and that it’s looking for Shangri-La. Westerners are left wondering, “Are we going to be left in the dust?” It’s not PBS preachy. It’s very informative. It has broadcast appeal, very large audience appeal because it’s user friendly. Someone who does not know where China is on a map can get into this and learn. And the quick pace of the film complements the fast pace of China’s growth. That, along with your funny, irreverent, sardonic approach, places you where you want to be in telling a story in this era. The contemporary narrative has to be quick, entertaining, interesting and humorous. You have a terrific film on a critical topic that is audience friendly.
Bill Lancaster, Filmmaker and Professor, Northeastern University, Boston, USA

Thanks again for the opportunity to watch your very interesting movie, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Gianvito Lanzolla, PhD, Professor, Cass Business School, London, UK

Congratulations on the premiere showing of your documentary Journey with the Giant at Northeastern University.  As an alumna of NEU and as a native Chinese, I salute the heart and soul you have put into your work. Your documentary radiated wisdom and a depth of understanding. A true piece of art—a combination of ideas and creativity.

It is easy to predict what an impact your documentary movie will produce on the audience—the young generation in particular. Many people who are not fortunate to visit China will be enriched through watching your movie.

Your work will help people in America see the world more realistically and learn to co-exist with another rising power. It will instruct people about China’s experiences and successes/failures – and this will add to their understanding and ability to work with China in a constructive, harmonious way.
Hong Liu, Former Economics Instructor, Northeastern University, Public School Teacher, Entrepreneur, Boston, USA

Journey with the Giant is a very interesting documentary.  It looks at China from a different perspective. While many Westerners still hold negative stereotypes about China and the Chinese, this documentary shows a much more complete, fair and balanced presentation of a developing China. It helps to change the mindset of the Western audience and as a Chinese person myself, I am very glad to see this. Journey with the Giant makes a very positive contribution to a better understanding of my country!
Weiwei Liu, student, Brown University, Boston, USA

For our generation it was very informative and entertaining at the same time. I feel like it showed my country what China is accomplishing in such a short period of time.
Kieran Mitchell, Communications Studies major, Northeastern University

What an achievement! I was really glad I had the opportunity to see it. It was very, very moving.
Dr. Marilyn Plotkins, Chair, Suffolk University Theatre Department, Boston, USA
I lived in China for sometime, and I’ve been to many of the places you visited, and I think you really do capture the spirit of China, and your presentation is just so gutsy and so much fun. You have some of the best visuals of China I’ve ever seen. The testimonials you have are great. They weren’t studio shots – taking head shots – as you often see. They were on the factory floor….
Suzanne Ogden, Professor and Interim Chair – Department of Political Science, Northeastern University, Boston, USA

I am very pleased to have attended the initial screening of your documentary on campus yesterday and I found it very informative and enjoyable. You and Jeff are to be commended for your patience and persistence tin taking on such a delicate project. I believe that it will be well received.
Peri Onipede, Director of Major Gifts, Northeastern University, Boston, USA

I thought your movie was outstanding. Having a reasonable understanding of what is going on in China, I think you have captured the story in a very realistic and entertaining way. I think you are right that most people don’t have a clue what is going on over there. While China still has many challenges and ample opportunity to screw it up, I think they have shown that they can do what it takes to be successful.
Stephen Silver, Owner, Route 128 High-Tech company, Boston, USA

I liked the conversational nature of it. I haven’t studied China much, and I felt like the way you talked about it, you seemed surprised. A person who was watching this and didn’t know much about China wouldn’t say, “Oh I’m so out of the loop. This is way over my head.” So for your intended audience, it works really well.
Marie Sullivan, Media and Screen Studies major, Northeastern University, Boston, USA

“We watched your documentary and it is very different from what I have seen before. It has a good rhythm with energy and great photography. It is very natural just like what I experienced. The narration is very easy to accept without biased political ideas. We watched the whole thing without a break, which was very rare for me, because I get bored easily most of the time. I was fascinated by it.”
Keren Su, Photographer, Artist, Entrepreneur, Seattle, USA

Thanks so much for your visit to North Texas yesterday evening. The event was a great success–a good-sized and enthusiastic audience and the Q&A following the screening. was lively, provocative and informative.
Harold Tanner, Professor of Chinese History, University of North Texas, Denton, TX, USA

A most comprehensive overview! The color, music and majestic scenery was breathtaking. Both the cinematography and your narration was so well done and at times hilarious. We believe this informative and unbiased film provides great education value to promote greater understanding between our great countries. We are now considering a visit to China which was not previously on our “bucket list”!
Janey Tilden and Robert Himberg Jr., Cambridge, USA

Your film has totally shifted how I view/think about China.  It gave me a much broader context which has been really helpful and interesting.  it keeps coming up for me.
Jeremy Williams, Theatrical Producer/Director, New York City, USA